Friday, November 19, 2010

Recent Report from a 423 Men Member

Howdy Brothers!

I realized today that in the last year, this is the only time I have gone for a month without viewing porn and a week without masturbating. When before it was so easy for me to just give in to the elusive high of the “quick fix”, I have learned better how to enter the battle of the mind. It really is about renewing our minds, and for me – the real struggle is with honesty and overcoming isolation.

I thank God for you men and this program being here so that I could learn how to get out of a life-robbing, destructive cycle. Thank you for your prayers, accountability and encouragement -- I know I could never had made this progress alone.

I am praising and thanking God for recent victory I have experienced in living above my line and walking in grace. It is not about perfection but progress, and I am greatly encouraged by the progress I have seen in myself and all of us.


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