Thursday, January 20, 2011

Want to ruin your accountability group? Here are eight easy ways:

  1. Make your accountability partner drop ten bucks in the jar for that grievous sin.
  2. Make your accountability a circle of cheap confession by which you obtain cheap peace for your troubled conscience.
  3. Ask one another moralistic questions that reinforce moral performance.
  4. Pilfer through God’s Word for an experiential buzz or life connection.
  5. Go public with your respectable sins while cherishing your secret sins.
  6. Know your partner’s sin better than you know your own.
  7. Passively stand by as your sin slowly puts you to death.
  8. Make accountability, not Jesus, central to your group.

From Jonathan Dodson's chapter "Gospel-Centered Accountability" in the new eBook from Covenant Eyes, Internet Pornography: A Leaders Handbook
( Thanks Nathan for pointing me to this excellent article.

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