Monday, January 21, 2013


Our founding pastor at Solid Rock, a man I highly respect, Phil Comer, once said something like, “As leadership goes, so goes the ministry”.

Good leadership is the fundamental building block for every effective endeavor in the body of Christ. The author of Proverbs warned, “Where there is no vision, the people are unrestrained”, (Proverbs 29.18a). If leaders are nothing else, they are visionaries who hear the command of Jesus and move with all their might and strength, heart and soul, in the direction the Lord is pointing. Leaders set the pace, stand alone if necessary, lead by example, cast a vision, inspire a following, and help move people in unity toward the fulfillment of a divine mission.

We have a mission at 423 Men… to help men find freedom from a sexually addictive behavior. We cannot do this alone. We need men in recovery who are overcoming sexual temptation to serve as examples to those caught in the web of sexual addiction. We need strong men of God who will take a stand against Satan is inspire others to do the same. We need leaders!

The notion of a “born leader” is a misnomer. Leaders are made, not born. If you are a leader, then you must make more. Men are dying emotionally, living in fear and isolation, afraid to tell the truth about their secret sin. Leaders call these guys out and help bring them into a place of full disclosure and light. A man cannot get clean, until he comes clean. Leaders create a culture of truth-telling, making it safe to reveal even the darkest secrets. Leaders make leaders.

Here's how we do it in 423 Men...

PRAY over your roster of 423 Men.

IDENTIFY men in your group who made good progress toward sexual sobriety.

TEST these guys by giving them leadership opportunities in the weekly meeting.

EMPOWER these guys by inviting them to consider leadership in 423 Men.

RELEASE them to serve.

If you see guys in 423 Men groups with leadership potential, please notify me. We need more 423 Men groups to support our growing waiting list, and we need responsible, victorious, capable, and called men of God who will lead these groups.


Confidential: (503) 601-4230
Direct: (503) 880-2734

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