Wednesday, January 20, 2010

"Sex Education for Your Kids"

"Parents are the principal sex educators". So say authors, Stan and Brenna Jones. According to Dr. and Mrs. Jones, sex education is about preparing your children "to handle God's gift of sexuality rightly throughout life, preparing them to experience the fullness of God's blessing as they date, get engaged, marry, and have children themselves".

There is no question that your children will learn about sex. The question is... who will they learn from? If you don't tell them, someone else will, and quite possibly in a way you do not approve of. The Jones have developed a series of four age appropriate books plus a "Parents' Guide" entitled "God's Design for Sex" to assist parents in telling the story of sex from a Christian and biblical point of view.

The Story of Me, Book 1 (ages 3 - 5)
Before I Was Born, Book 2 (ages 5 - 8)
What's the Big Deal, Book 3 (ages 8 - 11)
Facing the Facts, Book 4 (ages 11 - 14)
How and When to Tell Your Kids About Sex, The Parents' Guide

If you could use a little help in this area, check out: How to Tell Your Kids About Sex ~ A Lifelong Approaach to Shaping your Child's Sexual Character, Stanton and Brenna Jones, NavPress, 1993, 2007.

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