Saturday, January 2, 2010

"We Take Up Arms Together" by Ben

423 Men have found the courage to share their present struggles and past lives. We are multiple small groups of men who are building positive and healthy supportive relationships. We come together once a week and are real with one another. It is an honor for me to be among men who are not passive about their sexual purity. I am forever thankful for the support and fellowship of brothers with a common temptation.

I believe that what is happening at 423 Men is what church is all about. In my small group, we are seeing lives being transformed. We each have time to talk about our week concerning our purity. We explain why something went well and what happened when something didn't. We use a textbook and workbook as tools for discussions of our common temptation. I have always found the material quite helpful. We pray together and for one another. We call someone every week to encourage and to stand with each other in the battle for purity. We take up arms together.

I have been part of a 423 Men group for about three months and continue to be impacted by what God is doing. What happens when men come together for Heavenly help is remarkable. There is so much power in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Our confessions to each other are huge in surrendering our lives to our Lord. Faith is strengthened. Character is built. Life is shared.


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