Sunday, January 3, 2010

“Real Church With Real Men” by Dan

Before starting with 423 Men I believed I was the only guy who was under attack with this issue. I didn’t even recognize that my struggle (sin) was an addiction. I believed that no one could ever understand MY situation. I felt the best thing for me was to keep this a secret and fight it on my own. These words came right from the devil and I believed every single lie he threw my way. I fought the desire to keep my secret to myself, but ultimately knew God wanted me to seek help from other brothers.

This group isn’t like any other group I have been a part of. 423 Men forces every guy to open up in a deep personal way. The fact that every guy is being completely honest allows for God to do His work. We do this by coming together once a week to share our successes and failures of our past week. We also us a book and workbook that help guide the discussions for each week. It pushes every guy to look deeper into their own lives and behaviors. This group has allowed me to experience “real church” because we are a bunch of broken guys who want to get on the right path with God.

By being a part of 423 Men for about three months now has been a wonderful blessing. My life is being redirected faster than I could have imaged. I started this group going down a pathway that lead to my sexual addiction, but now am starting a new path leading to a new life with God. This group has shown me the importance of PB &J (Prayer, Bible, and Journal) every morning. By having this alone time I have been able to allow God to work more in my life. I also am learning the importance of talking to others and not being isolated. Every week we are to call another brother from the group, which has been a great blessing for me. All I can say is if you are willing to allow God to do a transformation in your life hold on because He will take you for a ride.


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