Saturday, April 3, 2010

"Don't Confuse Love and Lust"

I woke up this morning in an unusually good mood and a grateful heart. I'm grateful for this program [423 Men] and the men involved, but more importantly grateful to Christ for leading me to this place in my life.

As I began to pray and thank Jesus for his undying love and patience, I got a piece of revelation which I thought I would share.

I think as men and women we sometimes confuse love with lust. And I think one of the reasons for this is that we are not following the "order of love" that God gave us. He set up the following guide to how we are to love.

1. Love God (with all your heart soul and mind)
2. Love your family (especially your spouses)
3. Love your friends (they are Gods gift to us)
4. Some may add...Love your pets (debatable)

That's where it ends. It doesn't say to love porn or another woman. It doesn't say to love money or "things". Just those things God has put in our lives.

If we devoted enough of our love towards Jesus and these people, there wouldn't be anything left for us to love/lust over. Jesus alone, based on his love for us, deserves everything we have in terms of love. Those others in our life are blessings on top of the cake.

And I don't think God placed himself on top because he's egotistical or self serving. Or makes us love our family because he knows how much they bug us and he likes to see us squirm.

I think he created this order because He knows our blueprint. He's the designer of our Bodies, Souls, and Minds. He knows how they work and what they need. And he knows what kind of damage feeding on other things can do.

If we look at our hearts and minds like we look at our body, we can begin to understand God's design. Just like eating junk food and not exercising is bad for our bodies, putting unhealthy things into our minds and not exercising our minds in a healthy way is also damaging. Reading the Bible isn't punishment for not being "good enough", it's spiritual exercise that strengthens our hearts and minds.

Something to think about as we celebrate the most unselfish act in human history. Hope this helps at least one person.


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  1. Hey Mike,

    I would add to your list: "Love your enemies" (Matthew 5.44). I think your point is very well taken... love God and people, but don't confuse love and lust. Lusting after people and things is sin and a set up for addiction.

    Great post. Thank you, Mike.