Sunday, April 11, 2010

"A Message to 423 Men Leaders from Pastor Phil Comer"

Senior Pastor of Solid Rock, Phil Comer, attended our 423 Men Leaders meeting yesterday and blessed us with a fabulous message of encouragement from God’s Word. Among the many powerful points Phil made…

“A holy man is an awesome weapon in the hand of God.”

Phil gave credit for this quote to an unknown source, but strongly drove home the point that we need to be progressing toward maturity and holiness so God can mightily use us to perform His will.

“Ministry is about modeling.”

We need to model for the other men in 423 what it means to walk in victory over sexual sin. As leaders, we must seek to be “blameless” according to 1st Timothy 3.2, 10 and Titus 1.6-7. “Blameless”, Phil explained, does not mean “perfect” or “sinless”. We all sin. “Blameless” means nobody can easily and legitimately point the finger of blame at us accusing us of willful and continuous sin.

“Serve God with all confidence and humility.”

This is the way of all true servants of God. They are confident in their calling and ministry in the church. They are also humble in their attitude toward God and others.

“Walk by the Spirit, and you will not carry out the desires of the flesh.”

We can absolutely depend on this promise from God’s Word (Galatians 5.16). Phil encouraged the 10 leaders of 423 Men to “walk by the Spirit” and serve with a complete trust in the leading of the Holy Spirit in all we do.

“Let your eyes look directly ahead, and let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you.”

This passage from Proverbs 4.25 follows shortly after our theme verse of Proverbs 4.23. A man of God will make a “covenant with his eyes” (Job 31.1). Phil explained that, while it may be impossible for a man not to notice a pretty girl, it’s the second or long look that becomes lust and gets us in trouble. Train yourself to look away and “let your gaze be fixed straight in front of you”.

Thank you, Pastor Phil for your “Solid Rock” commitment to the success and well-being of the men of 423. Your time with our leaders yesterday meant so much to us. We love and appreciate you, Phil.

Dave Scriven

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