Sunday, April 18, 2010

"God Help Me"

Praise God for Gideon Bibles.

I checked into a clinic to do a drug test for a new job. After I completed the paperwork and gave it to the receptionist, I took a seat in the waiting area. I needed to find something to read or to do. Sometimes I get a wandering eye and I didn't want to allow idle time for that to happen. Looking for something to read, I noticed magazines geared for children, women, and a recent issue of Men’s Health. I was pretty sure I might find at least a few erotic advertisements in Men’s Health with barely dressed women. I did not want my eyes or my mind to take me somewhere I didn't want to go.

I saw a Gideon Bible I had not noticed a moment ago. I was so pleased to find something I could read and had been wanting to get some Bible time. I picked up the Bible and spent my waiting room time reading Proverbs, chapters 3 to 6 twice. It was really great to focus on the Word and the stuff God has for my life. It was even more important that I had some Bible time than I had realized.

When my name was called, I followed a young, attractive woman into a small room for a few minutes to complete my drug test. As I write these words, I do not remember “checking her out”. Yes, I recall she was attractive, but I did not examine her curves as I have done so often in the past. Later on, I was quite certain this victory was the result of reading God’s Word. It kept my mind sober and my ways pure for my screening visit.

Praise god for Gideon Bibles!


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